Sep 7, 2017 - 07:38 am

Williams, TM4, Convertronix, PILOT-E, Royal DSM.

Lightweight platform for next-gen EVs: Williams Advanced Engineering has developed a lightweight EV platform prototype in order to make electric vehicles safer, greener and of course: lighter. According to the producer, the platform called FW-EVX comes with several innovations in battery pack design, cooling systems and lightweight structures.,

Bi-directional charger inverter: TM4 and its cooperation partner Convertronix have worked on a new bi-directional charger inverter named BCI20 for EVs and HEVs. The result is a battery charger and inverter for use in a variety of EV and HEV applications. As soon as the vehicle is in use, the charger turns into a dual inverter providing two independent three phase outputs of 9kVA each to power various AC auxiliary loads.

Electric-powered autonomous ferries: In Norway, a research project called PILOT-E targets to develop full-electric and autonomous ferry concepts. The aim is that such ferries will be integrated in a national transportation plan. In order to breathe life into these concepts, Norway counts on Kongsberg, Grenland Energy, Fjellstrand and Grønn Kontakt.

Advanced H2 storage method: New high-pressure composite tanks developed by Royal DSM could be a next-gen solution to improve hydrogen storage. The tank design features a blow-moulded liner made of Akulon Fuel Lock, a plastic with a very high barrier to hydrocarbons. The company will introduce its system at the IAA in Frankfurt.,


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