Sep 14, 2017 - 08:09 am

Fastned, EU Commission, New York, Proterra.

Fastned to erect German fast-chargers: The German Ministry of Transports grants Dutch Fastned 4.1m euros to install 25 fast-charging stations across the country. That is a subsidy of about 160,000 euros per station with multiple charge points. The first such stops shall open in early 2018.

The EU Commission has turned to the Netherlands too to get its infrastructure at its HQ in Brussels sorted. Dutch Alfen entered the winning bid in a tender for the installation of 60 charging stations. Model Eve includes an online tool that delivers charging data in real time and the first stations shall be ready this month. There is no data available on how many EU commissioners actually drive an EV.

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Municipal fleet electrification: New York’s Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has made 2.2m dollars from the Environmental Protection Fund available in rebates for municipalities to purchase or lease EVs, PHEVs and FCEVs. Funding of public infrastructure is included as well.,

And over in New York City the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has leased five electric buses from Proterra to go into service this December. They are to initially serve two routes in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan as a test run to see the potential of an all-electric fleet.


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