Sep 25, 2017 - 08:19 am

Andy Goss, Andy Palmer.

“The obvious answer is Tesla has helped pave the way. That’s the truth of the matter. They tested the market and became very credible, and that’s a fact. But now what’s coming over the hill is an armada of EVs.”

Andy Goss, head of global sales for Jaguar Land Rover, has observed a continuously growing consumer pull regarding EVs over the last 18 month. He’s convinced that a lot of things came together to fuel this development – among others, what he calls the “Tesla factor”.

“Are we trying to solve clean air? In this case, ban diesels. Or are we trying to solve CO2? In this case, you need to use less fossil fuel. The two are different. And a lot of the dialogue right now is mixing those messages.”

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer criticises that more and more governments tend to define the future’s powertrain technology. “Policy makers should not try to be engineers”, he says. Instead it would be better to prescribe the emission, “and then let the engineers figure out what the right technology is”.

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