Nissan, EVA+, ABB, BYD-ADL, ChargePoint.

Nissan to extend charging infrastructure: The Japanese carmaker intends to increase its European charging net by 20 percent within the next 18 months, meaning that it adds 1,000 units to its existing 4,600 CHAdeMO fast chargers. Additionally, more EV fleet owners shall enjoy the possibility of Nissan’s bi-directional charging and thus get able to „sell“ back their vehicle’s energy to the grid. This V2G system has been tested in Denmark and is about to be established in other countries, too.

EVA+ does progress: As part of EU-backed fast-charging project EVA+, 30 charging stations have been erected between Rome and Milan. The project is coordinated by energy company Enel, further partners are Verbund, Renault, Nissan, Volkswagen and BMW. Their common objective is the installation of 200 multi-standard fast-chargers in Italy and Austria within three years, as reported.

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ABB presents chargers for 150+ kW: Technology company ABB will present its new fast-charging system Terra HP at EVS30 next week in Stuttgart. The company states that its 150-350 kW product has the capacity to charge 400V as well as 800V vehicles at full power.,

A dozen electric buses for Liverpool: BYD-ADL has supplied 12 of its Enviro200EV buses to the British city. The electric-powered fleet will be operated by Arriva Merseyside and is going to roll on the City Centre Circular Routes 26 and 27. In London, a total of 157 BYD-ADL buses are already in service or about to be delivered.,,

Charging via smartphone: ChargePoint has established a new access modus to more than 40,000 of its charging spots across North America. The system works by tapping iPhones, Android Phones or Apple Watchs on ChargePoint’s chargers. With this “tap to charge” feature, the company seeks to simplify the charging process.



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