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V2G by Nissan, E.On, PlugSurfing, EV plan, Mahindra.

Electric piggy bank: V2G is coming to the UK as Nissan has teamed up with utility Ovo on the Isles. Those willing to not only recharge their car but to also give back energy to the grid at times will receive payment and Nissan estimates clients could make (or save) up to 400 pounds a year. A similar project in Denmark, where the Japanese partnered with Enel, has already reaped first fruits (we reported).
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Plug-in stations upgrade: German utility E.On is expanding its cooperation with service station provider Tank&Rast to equip about 90 stations in Germany with EV chargers ready for rapid charging with up to 350 kW. The first step will be 150 kW however which is already an improvement given that existing stations deliver 50 kW. The cooperation is in line with E.On’s strategy that sees them also working with Clever across the Nordics reportedly.

Another widening of a charging network has come through as Toyota has chosen PlugSurfing to offer French buyers of the Prius plug-in hybrid the RFID charge key of the Berlin-based start-up. It unlocks the wires at over 50,000 EV charging stations across Europe and PlugSurfing and Toyota have a similar deal for customers in Switzerland.

Pro EV region: The governors of Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming signed a non-binding MoU to create a unified regional EV plan to allow electric cars to recharge and travel easily along the 5,000 miles of freeways in the western USA. The group’s action shall include EV awareness campaigns, voluntary charging station standards, funding collaborations and the integration of EVs in planning permissions.
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Indian match making: Mahindra has matched the bid made by Tata Motors for supplying 10,000 electric vehicles to India’s Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), thus winning 30% of the order. Mahindra will supply 150 of the 500 EVs to be delivered in the first phase by the end of November.
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