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Update about Audi’s and Porsche’s common platform: Both Volkswagen Group subsidiaries are currently developing the so-called Premium Platform Electric (PPE). On the basis of this platform, three model families are going to see the light of day – two for Audi and one for Porsche, according to information of Audi’s head of technical development, Peter Mertens. It seems also likely that the platform will be applied to Audi’s core segments such as the A4 and A6.
europe.autonews.com via motorauthority.com

Diesel ban in Copenhagen by 2019? Mayor Frank Jensen intends to ban diesel-powered vehicles from Copenhagen’s streets by the 1st of January 2019. Interestingly, the rule shall just apply to new cars while existing diesel vehicles are supposed to be further allowed to circulate. In order to implement this ban, the legislative would have to change the law. Further plans for the Danish capital are to rapidly switch from a diesel-powered to an electric bus fleet, to increase parking fees for diesel cars and to make electric propulsion obligatory for cruise liners heading for Copenhagen’s port.
politiken.dk via thelocal.dk (in Danish)

Porsche presents all-electric prototype: In the spotlights of the EVS30 in Stuttgart, the German carmaker unveils its Cayman e-volution – a fully electrified prototype with a charging voltage of 800 volts. The model is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and to reach up to 200 km. However, the Cayman e-volution won’t go serial, but rather gives an impression of how sporty Porsche will interpret electric mobility.
carscoops.com, newsroom.porsche.com

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TUEV Süd EVS30TÜV SÜD: Ihr One-Stop-Partner für e-Mobility-Dienstleistungen: TÜV SÜD ist Ihr Partner für die zuverlässige Umsetzung von Innovationen der E-Mobilität. Wir begleiten Ihre Entwicklungen von der frühesten Planung bis hin zur Marktreife. Sprechen Sie uns auf der EVS30 vom 9.-11.10. in Stuttgart an. www.tuv-sud.de/e-mobility

EV cooperation between Ford and Mahindra? Indian car giant Mahindra is negotiating with Ford about a technology exchange focussing on electric cars, according to business journal Mint. Thus, the deal could look as follows: Mahindra is allowed to build electric sedans on Ford’s platform and in return, the U.S. carmaker receives low-priced EV components to use e.g. for its in India produced compact car Figo.

Chehejia to build 1m EVs annually: The Chinese EV start-up intends to sell not less than 1m electric vehicles per year by 2022. In order to realise this plan, the company bets on the production of compact cars with limited range and exchangeable batteries. The first two models are due in 2018. Just recently, Chehejia managed to gain 120m dollars in funding.

Spiced-up Hyundai Ioniq: The South Korean carmaker is going to put the concept car HyperEconiq Ioniq on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, starting the 31st of October. The hybrid model has been modified by Bisimoto Engineering and is said to combine now the “best hypermiling, economy and friction tech” available.
carscoops.com, hybridcars.com, hyundainews.com

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