Sondors’ three-wheeled EV for 10,000 dollars (Video)


In the spotlights of the L.A. Auto Show, Sondors has unveiled the prototype of a three-wheeled electric vehicle called Model Sondors. The company’s aim is to offer it with different battery options and to a very affordable price.

In January, the U.S. expert for pedelecs raised money through crowdfunding for the project, not even a year later the vehicle is now heading for serial production. According to Sondors’ board, creation of the prototype was completed within seven months.

Market launch is planned for 2019 and pricing shall start at 10,000 dollars. Depending on different battery options, the car is said to reach up to 75, 150 or 200 miles (120, 240 or 320 km). Regarding the coming financial challenges, Sondors just launched a Regulation A+ offering.,, (Video)


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