Fastned complains about unfair competition

The Dutch fast-charging provider condemns Shell’s strategy to sell electric power for EVs at service stations where Fastned has already installed charging stations respectively has already concessions for. That’s why the company wants to bring the responsible authority Rijkswaterstaat to court.

Asked for details by (in German) due to the media reports below, Fastned stated that it welcomes Shell’s initiative to erect fast-chargers, generally, but not in the case of sites it has already licenses for. Considering the fact that Fastned would also not be allowed to sell fuel just like that the inverse case should also not be accepted, according to the company.

Fastned is also disturbed by the fact that it is not allowed to open shops at its own charging stations or to place signs along the highways just as Shell. The hearing at court takes place in about two weeks. (in Dutch)


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