Ultracap distribution sorted for Skeleton


Skeleton Technologies and Sumitomo Corporation Europe sign an agreement to distribute graphene-based ultracapacitors for the hybrid and electric vehicle industry.

Skeleton Technologies signed a distribution agreement with Sumitomo Corporation Europe with the aim to target the automotive industry. Skeleton’s graphene-based ultracapacitors are said double the battery lifetime when combined with Li-ion batteries. In this set-up, they also help downsizing the cell receiving the peak power from ultracapacitors and the long-term energy from the batteries.
Sumitomo has called this a “hybrid approach” that holds much promise for the automotive industry for electrification.

Skeleton hopes to tap into Sumitomo’s contacts through the new partnership. In terms of production the company from Estonia just recently borrowed 15m from the European investment bank (EIB) to fund further research as well as an electrode mass-production facility in the German town of Dresden in Saxonia.



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