Lion E-Mobility invests in ParkHere


The Swiss holding LION E-Mobility has invested in the Munich-based start-up ParkHere, displaying some perspective and maintaining investment E-Mobility capacities.

The investment, valued at 200,000 euros, was exchanged in the form of convertible bonds. ParkHere plans to help drivers find parking spots by using sensors integrated into the ground. This is to combat the growing shortage of parking spots, especially regarding charging stations.

This will be an increasingly important issue as the electric vehicle markets grow and energy management needs to be designed in a proactive approach, according to LION E-Mobility when asked about their investment. The slowly growing investment and networks do not currently mirror the quickly growing private demand for electric vehicles. Charging stations are already at limited capacity, while production and sales keep increasing steadily. Major cities will likely have to battle the issues of charging and parking in the very near future as well.


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