U.S. EV subsidies to stay untouched

In the wake of the big tax reform in the States, the future of the nationwide EV subsidies providing up to 7500 dollars for EVs has been widely unclear. But according to insiders, the programme stays now finally untouched.

Media reports say that the EV tax incentives are part of a compromise package suggested by the U.S. House and Senate. Both chambers want the EV credit to survive. However, an official statement has not yet been provided.

As reported, U.S. president Donald Trump wanted to cut the federal plug-in subsidy entirely. But already a few days after the tax plan’s first presentation, the senate made clear that it has a different opinion on this subject: In an updated version of the tax plan revised by the senate in mid-November the subsidy had been already entirely back.

The EV subsidiary programme exists since 2009. It is limited to up to 200,000 cars per manfacturer. So far, no OEM has reached this limit, that is also true for Californian EV maker Tesla.
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