Stefan Krause about to create own start-up Evelozcity?


After going separate ways with Faraday Future, Stefan Krause and other ex-managers of FF are going to found a new EV company called Evelozcity, according to information provided by “Electrek”.

A company website is already online. However, except of the sentence “Design, develop and deliver the most competitive, capable, connected and clean mobility device for the next generation” there is nothing to find there yet. Krause is involved in the turmoil that Faraday faced lately. Thus, he recruited potential investors who said they would just invest, if controversial Chinese investor Jia Yueting would be willing to loosen its ties with the company. As it is well known, he was not. Now, Krause is obviously benefitting from his former network success – by winning these investors now for his own company.

Regarding Faraday Future, the latest news were showing a bleak picture: Reports from its facility in California say it is deserted and devoid of equipment.,


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