More than 4,000 CCS fast-charging points in Europe

A network of CCS fast-charging units has spread out across Europe, consisting meanwhile of more than 4,000 charging points, according to “CCS Charge Map”. 1,250 of them have been newly erected in 2017. In October, the statistics still showed 3,500 CCS charging points.

The majority of the CCS connectors are part of so-called multi-charging stations, which offer also several other charging standards such as CHAdeMO or Type 2.

The biggest share of the network can be found in Germany (875 CCS charging points), followed by Great Britain (699). Norway – known as EV pioneer – provides 441 CCS charging points and thus overtook France (427). Moreover, Sweden contributes 310 CCS charging units, followed by Austria (177), Switzerland (152), Denmark (148) and the Netherlands (138).,


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