Jan 31, 2018 - 10:44 am

Elon Musk is having a blast selling flamethrowers

Elon Musk is not only the Tesla CEO but also chairs The Boring Company and work on the tunnels got a bit boring indeed aparently. So to make some virtual noise, he advertised a flamethrower for sale with rather curious claims.

Musk’s flamethrower works alright so it is all real as video show. His slogan though: “When the zombie apocalypse happens, you’ll be glad you bought a flamethrower. Works against hordes of the undead or your money back!” points to another matter.

Funnily, or maybe shockingly enough, the Twitter hordes followed suit, despite a 500 dollar price tag. Musk sold 10,000 Z-killing devices to the braindead in 8 hours – delivery is unlikely though, hopefully.

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Found on electrive.com
31.01.2018 10:47