Feb 6, 2018 - 10:51 pm

Electric sled with propeller introduced

For the winter sport aficionados out there, there is a new toy on the block! A brand new electric sled was developed by Peter Sripol in Ohio, for those snowy days, when nary a mountain or even a hill is to be seen.

Powered by an electric propellor, the sled looks somewhat like a small version of  an airboat, which would be commonly seen traversing swamps and other difficult terrain. This vehicle is quite a bit smaller, but packs quite a punch: a 150cc motor is built into the construction to propel it forward on any snowy terrain.


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While the project has gained significant attention, the details for how fast it goes, or even whether it will enter production are very unclear. At this point, it seems that the electric propeller sled may remain a hobby project for Sripol, at least until a safer alternative has been found.

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Found on electrive.com
06.02.2018 22:01