New Zealand launches first EV ride-sharing service Yoogo


In Christchurch, the new new ride-sharing service Yoogo has launched with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern giving the venture the honour. They plan to put a fleet of 100 electric cars, 100 chargers and 10 hubs around the city.

There are already 12 business, totalling around 3,000 drivers, which have begun sharing the electric vehicles from Yoogo, and are phasing out combustion engines from their fleets.

Private users will be able to rent a new new BMW i3 or Hyundai Ioniq for 15 dollars an hour, using a membership card or an app from March. Users can pick up their EV at a so-called Yoogo Share hub and, when finished, have to drop it back and plug it in to charge.

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