GreenParking installs EV charging in UAE and Oman


GreenParking has set up a network of 200 EV charging points across the United Arab Emirates and Oman and wants to build on it further. On top, the company plans to issue cards for free charging until 2019.

Already last month, Green Parking has opened new EV charging stations as it spun the web across the UAE and Oman wider. The latest pit stops for EV drivers in the Emirates were installed in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Al Ain, Sohar, and Muscat. They stand at key locations, including luxury resorts.

Green Parking said it wants to increase the number of EV charging stations in UAE and Oman further within the coming months. “Electric vehicles are the future of transport and they will soon be a common sight on UAE’s roads,” Sam Alawiye, CEO of Green Parking, said, adding his delight about helping to set up charging infrastructure in the Middle East.

As an incentive, Green Parking is handing out charge cards to electric car drivers in these countries for free and plans to do so until 2019.,

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Arvindsingh Gusain
11.06.2022 um 19:13
Hi good evening I wanna ask about charging station because I working in hotel and we are planning to install charging station in our hotel, so it is possible to install your charging station in our hotel... If yes how's the procedure.

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