Feb 21, 2018 - 01:16 pm

Bosch bundles e-mobility parts and services as ‘system!e’


Bosch has launched system!e, connected services for electric mobility at the IoT conference in Berlin. It combines the supplier’s electrified drive components and services for electric cars and connects them to the cloud for smart energy management.

With system!e Bosch gathers its increasingly electric services and components into one system. Through the connection to the cloud, the company can now develop web-based services that rely on this interaction. Smart electric cars of the future, will then know for example, how much range is left but also where they can find the next charging station in what Bosch calls an “extended range forecast”.

An algorithm factors in vehicle data such as current battery charge, energy consumption of heating or air conditioning, and the driving style, as well as the current traffic situation and topographical data for the route ahead. Based on this information, the system calculates the vehicle’s precise range. For longer journeys, the extended range forecast is supplemented by the “charging assistant” that locates charge spots on any given journey and also manages the payment process.

A third service manages electric vehicle charging in smart homes as it integrates the electric car into the home’s electricity grid. One use case is for the EV to absorb excess solar power from a house’s photovoltaic system so that the car can feed it back at night as necessary.

The push for system!e is part of an increasingly connected strategy. Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner stated in Berlin that “connected driving is a growth area for Bosch” and added they would “aim for significant double-digit growth.” By 2025, there will be more than 470 million connected vehicles on the world’s roads and four years from now, the market for mobility services and associated digital services will be worth 140 billion euros according to data by Price Waterhouse and Coopers quoted by Bosch.

The German supplier estimates that its business unit Connected Mobility Solutions will employ 600 people in development and distribution.



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