Sonnen: free charging station when switching to solar power


German home battery maker Sonnen introduces its sonnenCharger for electric cars. The EV charger can be ordered now and comes as part of Sonnen’s solar power package that delivers green energy at a flat rate even to those without PV panels.

The sonnenCharger will be delivered from Q2 this year in Germany. Via Type 2 plug, electric cars can charge at 22 kW with electricity from solar energy, that is either supplied by photovoltaic panels or the sonnenBattery, the company’s home storage unit.

The Sonnen EV charger plugs into the so-called sonnenCommunity, which forms a virtual power plant. This means that the EV always charges with renewable energy, even if the driver’s own battery or PV system does not deliver at that moment in time.

When becoming part of the community, users may benefit from the sonnenFlat. The tariff guarantees 8,000 kWh electricity, that is after paying a monthly membership fee of 19.99 euros. Members opting for the sonnenFlat 8000 receive the sonnenCharger for free.

Sonnen in turn hopes to link up to EV drivers and to eventually be able to use electric car batteries as additional storage units for their solar energy. Worldwide, Sonnen has sold 30,000 batteries. Combined, its customers have the capacity to generate 210 megawatts of solar energy.,,


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