Feb 28, 2018 - 11:58 am

The future is a long shot for electric cars


The internet allows all sorts of “news” to spread such as a man claiming he had come back from the future. For him, the year is 2021 and he says that by then, EVs will be able to travel far and wide. It might be an extreme form of range anxiety but he swears he is telling the truth.

The video sent to a website called Paranormal Elite – make of that what you will – shows a man calling himself Noah, who alleges to have come from the year 2028. The man has apparently even passed a lie detector test, which does little to convince us of his time travel claims.

Stil, he has stated that by 2021 EVs will be able to drive 600 miles, that is almost 1,000 km, on one charge and so his ideas remain a little more intriguing. After all, premium EVs such as those expected by Porsche and Audi are indeed aiming for a 500 mile range, by 2022 (we reported).



Found on electrive.com
28.02.2018 11:13