EVgo with new tariffs for cheaper and longer charging


EVgo has simplified its price plans with immediate effect, lowering costs for DC charging while also allowing longer charge windows. The declared aim is to match or beat gasoline prices on a per mile basis.

EVgo’s new pricing includes two options: a new Pay As You Go rate with a low per-minute rate and no additional session fees, as well as a $9.99/month Membership option. Moreover, charging session time limits have been extended to allow longer-range EVs to go the extra distance with just one fast charge session, according to a statement by EVgo. Membership customers may thus use a fast-charger for up to one hour, while EVgo has also lengthened fast-charging sessions from 30 to 45 minutes for Pay As You Go users.

The drop in price applies to both one-time users and network members but pricing will vary by region. Members can expect to pay between $0.15 and $0.21 per minute, depending on the state.

Furthermore, EVgo has also simplified the sign-up process. Registration for Pay As You Go or Membership can be done online or through the EVgo app. Customers can initiate a charge directly, making RFID cards redundant.

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