Apr 1, 2018 - 02:35 pm

Skansa supplies UK HQ with 67 chargepoints


The construction company Skansa has equipped its UK headquarters in Hertfordshire with 67 new chargepoints. They were installed in only 2 weeks by Pod Point and word is that the 7-kW chargepoints are only the beginning.

The construction also laid the infrastructure foundation for further chargepoints, allowing for the expansion of up to 243 units without any major construction efforts.

fleetnews.co.uk, pod-point.com


The EV Charger U350 Nevron stations have a minimal footprint, sleek and modern design, advanced user interface with a 17” touch-screen, integrated payment solution and are equipped with a liquid-cooled CCS Combo 2 connectors guaranteeing the availability of full power and the newest generation CHAdeMO plugs.
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