All-in-one EV charging controller by Phoenix Contact


Phoenix Contact has launched a new AC charging controller that combines all of the control and monitoring functions in one compact housing. Increased functionality such as RFID authorisation allows for semi-public and commercial applications.

Phoenix Contact has launched its latest AC charging controller in accordance with IEC-61851-1. Furthermore, the controller includes a DC residual current monitoring system, so that the controller is automatically reset when residual currents arise, thus increasing the availability of the charging station.

An automatic vehicle connector unlocking system is also included. Add to that user authorisation via RFID, either via a local white list or backend connection and it becomes clear that this charger is made for semi-public installations although it can also be included in a wallbox at home.

The Ethernet interface enables users to monitor and control their charging point remotely via Modbus/TCP. As an option, the AC charging controller is also available with an integrated 3G modem and OCPP interface., (PI)

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about „All-in-one EV charging controller by Phoenix Contact“
Calvin Tan
01.04.2021 um 01:20
Hi team,My name is Calvin Tan. I am from the engineering team of EVSEAustralia. We are the largest EV charging distributor in Australia.I am looking for a central Load Controller for a range of my company’s chargers. The Phoenix Contact looks interesting. Can we organise a quick meeting so we can discuss the opportunity to distribute this unit in Australia ?Kind regards, Calvin Tan

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