PG&E orders 2,500 charging stations from EVBox

The charging infrastructure specialist EVBox has announced the securement of a major contract from the USA: The energy provider Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) wants to purchase up to 2,560 charging stations from the Dutch company.

Specifically, the contract sees not only the charging stations delivered, but will also entail a ten year service contract for the EV Charge Network. The network is an initiative by PG&E to install charging stations at workplaces and apartment buildings in northern and central California. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase a charging station as part of the program, or to rent one for a recurring fee.

EVBox has experience with large, public charging system projects, according to CEO Kristof Vereenooghe. Alone in Amsterdam the company set up more than 2,000 public charging stations. In total, the company produced around 55,000 charging stations around the world.


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