Huber+Suhner present HPC solution for up to 500 kW

Huber+Suhner will present their fast charging system RADOX HPC for electric vehicles on the 15th of May in Hannover at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe. This will allow for charging currents up to 500 kW.

According to the manufacturer, due to the integrated cooling system the RADOX High Power Charging System offers a much smaller cable cross section than the traditional options. The cables are thin, highly flexible, lightweight and easy to handle, but are capable of charging a battery up to 80% of its charge in 15 minutes.

The Switzerland-based company is also planning to present a high voltage distribution solution (HVDU) and the RADOX automobile connection system (RACS) of the second generation at the expo. The first is a system to optimize energy distribution between high voltage components of electrical utility vehicles, such as snowploughs, street sweepers or electric trucks. The RACS system is designed to keep high voltage connections compact, watertight and vibration proof.


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