Vattenfall launches EV charging network in UK


Swedish utility Vattenfall is hitting at the EV market in Great Britain as they want to bring their charging network ‘InCharge’ to the Isles this June for the first time. They aim to connect commercial as well as public partners to install charging poles across the country.

Vattenfall coming to the UK is part of a larger strategy of the energy company that wants to gain ground in north western Europe. They have dedicated an entire business unit for the cause reportedly and are aiming to expand into markets such as France, Norway, and the UK.

In Britain, the Swedes see mutually beneficial market conditions. Says Magnus Hall, Vattenfall’s President and CEO: “GB’s electric vehicle ambitions are a perfect fit with our smart, digitalised and low carbon electric vehicle strategy.”

Vattenfall aim to operate fossil free within one generation. Under the current investment plan, SEK 3 billion (about 291M euros) has been allocated for the development of new businesses, including charging infrastructure and battery storage.

An example of the latter has just gone live in Wales, where Vattenfall operates an energy storage formed of 500 BMW i3 batteries (we reported).

For EV charging infrastructure, the InCharge network will grow by partnering with commercial developers, real-estate companies, industries, fleet owners and public bodies, such as local authorities to install charging poles around Great Britain.

Vattenfall currently operates 9,000 charging points in Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany. Only in its home country, Vattenfall is looking into home charging solutions as they have launched a joint offer for electric car charging with Volvo (we reported).

Vattenfall will launch its InCharge electric car charging network in Great Britain in June 2018. No details were given regarding the number of electric car charging stations or prices so far as Vattenfall relies on partners to buy into the InCharge network. (PI)


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