Euronics offering EV charging with EnBW in Germany


Electronics retailer Euronics that operates stores in all of Europe has teamed up with utility EnBW to install charging stations at 50 locations in Germany. Customers will receive a charging voucher that can be used at any station in the EnBW network.

Euronics operates over 8,800 stores across Europe and has found a partner in EnBW to add electric car charging to their German locations. In a first step, they want to install 50 multi-standard charge stops by EnBW with a max. charge power of 50 kW. The first is to go online this year.

In a press release that we had retrieved ahead of publication, EnBW’s head of distribution, Time Sillober, announces the utility’s target to “realise 1,000 fast-charging stations by 2020”.

Hence, this latest cooperation with Euronics is just a start and comes with a twist. Customers will receive a voucher at the cashier. They may then upload the voucher through the EnBW app so that they can use it at any charging station within the EnBW network.

The German arm of Euronics had made the decision to include EV charging in their portfolio following a survey in which more than three quarters of participants welcomed the option to shop and charge.

Whether Euronics will launch similar electric car charging offers and cooperations at its locations in other countries in Europe is as of yet unknown. (PI, in German)


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