Electric mobility outreach with a double-bill


Motiv Power Systems has come up with a solution that kills two birds with one car, so to speak. Their eBloodmobile is no bird slayer of course but a fully equipped outreach vehicle that blood banks would use.

Built in cooperation with Winnebago, it is only the first of many specialty medical EVs to come and the company is also running a mobile library that approaches readers silently.

Their eBloodmobile will tour California this summer and has a similar layout to blood collection outreach vehicles powered by diesel fuel. There are four patient beds, two interview rooms, and small waiting and recovery areas.

The promise of saving fuel and emissions with electric outreach vehicles is large because those vehicles often run idle to power the facilities on board. Motiv Power Systems and Winnebago thus intend to develop a range of specialty medical vehicles such as mobile asthma treatment centres, dental clinics, and methadone clinics.

As a maker of RVs, there might even be hope for Winnebago extending their cooperation to mobile homes for consumers – imagine the silence on the camp site if all on board systems run on battery power.

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