Sono Motors reenforces Executive Board


EV startup Sono Motors secures support from two experienced executives. New COO will be Thomas Hausch, last responsible for e-mobility at Nissan with previous roles at Daimler and Chrysler. Isa Krupka joins as Chief Communications Officer (CCO).

The electric car startup from Munich expands their board from four to now six members. Both Hausch and Krupka are experienced executives and are to make strategic decisions at Sono Motors.

Thomas Hausch has worked more than 25 years in the automotive industry. Positions included roles as Daimler and Chrysler. Most recently, he had worked for Coda Automotive, an electric car startup from California. He then became CEO for the Nissan Center Europe and implemented electric mobility initiatives.

Isa Krupka is a marketing strategist who previously worked for Dow Jones and other finance firms. She will manage Sono Motors brand reputation and also lead on their communications strategy.

Sono Motors is preparing to begin production of their Sion electric car next year. They say they have the support of a European contract manufacturer but have not disclosed a name (we reported).

Production and strategic partnerships will fall under the resort of Hausch as Chief Operating Officer.

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Pietro Perlo
17.08.2018 um 09:27
A similar development with PV panels located all around the body of a vehicle was already made several years ago in EU projects. To be directly connected to the main battery each PV panel needs its own DC-DC converter. The higher the voltage of the main battery the higher the problems. There are limited technical details of the Sono motor vehicle because most likely there is a lack of knowledge behind. The size is for an M1 category, where are the needed full frontal, side and off-axis crash texts.? Production by 2019?
Eric Manuel
03.09.2018 um 14:05
We wish to jointly set up manufacturing plant in northern India. Land and finances ready for production of 25, 000 units for the solar motorcars.

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