This electric hyper car is out of this world


It is the nature of the electric hyper car to try to topple all that came before but the Alieno Arcanum from Bulgaria is trying to take things to yet another level.

Imagine 24 electric motors powering the 1.5 million euro top trim with 3,840 kW. What for? No idea. But then the company claims to use “alien technologies from the future.” Again, we got no idea where they got them from.

In fact, it is unclear where the company itself has come from but the brand was created in 2015 and plays on the Italian word alieno meaning, well, alien. And that is all that is known so far.


about „This electric hyper car is out of this world“
29.10.2020 um 08:01
This is obviously a scam, I would state that in the article.
geremiah juest
04.01.2022 um 11:42
yup i looked at the site and it keeps talking like they actually built the car but it's clearly cgi using a couple high end nvidia cards they are probably hoping to fool some older hot shot wall street millionaire into funding them. u know the kind who can't tell between cgi and the real deal. whole deal looks like a car from gta V lol fucking 900 euro scam that's over 1000 usd they hope to change up through PayPal. oh ya they supposed have their own crypto token now as well

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