Jul 15, 2018 - 01:21 pm

Pininfarina will build max. 100 PF0 hypercars


There are new design concepts and details to the electric luxury hypercar planned by Pininfarina, that is planned to go into production in 2020. It will be sold in a small series of around 100 and will bear the name PF0. The company also added some new faces to their board.

The 2 million euro hypercar will be the first production by the company that recently came into existence from the Italian design studio. Individual customers will be able to view the luxury BEV in August at the Monterey Car Week in California, but everyone else will have to be happy with design sketches for now.

We did receive technical specifications for the vehicle, however: It will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds, and will be able to break through to 300 km/h within 12 seconds, reaching it’s top speed of 400 km/h soon after. The range is set around 500 km. The production goal for the small series will be between 90 and 100 vehicles, most likely.

After the hypercar, the Italian company plans to produce an electric luxury SUV. Automobili Pininfarina is headed by German manager Michael Perschke. The Pininfarina design studio is still continuing it’s original work under the name Pininfarina SpA.

As for the board of Pininfarina; next to the already known managing business director Per Svantesson (previously Volvo), now Dan Connell (brand management), Luca Borgogono (design director), Anika Rose (HR), Marcus Korbach (sales management) and Paola Dellachà (product and platform) will be joining the upper floors. Test driver Nick Heidfeld will also be driving for the company, bringing his racing experience with him.

Update 30.09.2018: In order to help pave the way for the incoming PF0 hypercar, Pininfarina has announced a technological cooperation with Rimac. Pininfarina is looking to benefit from Rimac’s expertise in battery manufacturing and transmission know-how, as well as soft- and hardware knowledge. The contract is valued at 80 million euros, which Pininfarina will be investing. The Italian designers have also decided on a seat where they will develop the PF0 until it is production ready in Munich.

Pininfarina has also done some reorganizing of their managerial department, adding Christian Jung as the new chief technology officer, and former Bugatti engineer Peter Tutzer joining as a senior technical advisor. A former Formula 1 and Formula E race car driver, Nick Heidfeld, is also joining the company as a development driver.

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