UK requires EV chargers at gas stations

The UK has confirmed the Automated and Electric Vehicles Act in parliament. The law will require gas stations to install EV chargers, as well as standardise the payment system.

The law is designed to provide the government with new powers to help ensure that highway stops have sufficient charging options for electrified vehicles. The law goes as far as allowing mayors to require local gas station operators to install charging options.

The initiative will also “improve consumer confidence in charging their vehicles by making sure that public chargepoints are compatible with all vehicles,” according to the British transport ministry.

This month, the British government also released their awaited Road to Zero Strategy. The rumored goal to ban all new combustion vehicles as of 2040 was now confirmed. What is new, is a milestone goal that aims to ensure that half of new personal vehicles and 40% of transporters will produce only ultra-low emissions.

These goals will be reached with a series of measures designed to improve the national EV charging infrastructure. In future, newly constructed houses and street lights will have to feature charging points for EVs, although the law added a “where appropriate” caveat, likely taking some teeth out of the measure. The government will also provide a 400 million pound fond for companies to manufacture and install charging infrastructure in the country. A 40 million pound programme to research and test cost-effective inductive charging technology was also set up. A further subsidy programme is aimed at private persons, who will receive a bonus up to 500 pounds for installing home charging points.,


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