Romania: Tesla inspired electric car in the making


Entrepreneurs from the Romanian town of Baia Mare are working on what could become the first electric vehicles “Made in Romania”. The small cars shall start at prices around 13,700 euros with two models being planned so far.

Despite the rather utilitarian look and price, founder Gheorghe Muresan names Elon Musk as his inspiration. His own company yet needs a name but their first two cars come under the labels GTG Oxygen and GTG Ozone.

A first prototype has been in use since two years. The cars have a top speed of 60 kph with the battery charge lasting for a day.

The manager says that a production facility is in the making already as well. Once completed, they plan to make up to 200 electric cars a month in Romania.

Funding for the project that is at implementation stage has been provided through the EU that granted a total of one million euros.


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