Aug 21, 2018 - 04:34 pm

Contactless payment at thousands of charging stations

Solution developed by Wirecard for Wirelane; available across Europe


Wirecard has teamed up with EV charging provider Wirelane to make charging an electric car as easy as possible. A new software allows EV drivers to use contactless payment for charging, simply by tapping their debit/credit card or mobile on the device.

The software does not require any registration or charge card. So far, Wirecard is installing it at 6,000 Wirelane charging stations across Europe. In future, Wirecard will develop a retrofit modules.

At said 6,000 stations of Wirelane, electric car drivers can tap their NFC-enabled credit cards to initiate the charging process at Wirelane charging stations. The module will also support mobile payment wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Constantin Schwaab, CEO of Wirelane says: “Together with Wirecard, we are digitizing the charging process of electric vehicles. Our back office already enables business partners across Europe to manage their own infrastructure. End users should now also benefit from the use of charging options. Accordingly, we are pleased to have found an excellent partner with Wirecard to allow our customers the simplest possible payment.”

It is likely the option will be rolled-out further in future.,


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