Sep 2, 2018 - 04:25 pm

San Francisco & Santa Monica select e-scooter partners

The Californian cities of San Francisco and Santa Monica have announced the license recipients for electric scooter sharing service: San Francisco has chosen Scoot Networks and Skip, while Santa Monica will be working with Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft.

While the two S.F. fleet operators will each be allowed to put 625 electric scooters on the roads, the Santa Monica fleets are set up as follows: Bird and Lime will each be permitted to place 750 scooters on the roads, Uber and Lyft will each supply 250. Uber and Lyft will further also be allowed to add 500 e-bikes to their sharing fleet.

In San Francisco, the selection of the comparatively unknown startup has been met with derision from the unsuccessful competitors. A total of 12 companies had applied for the licenses for a one year scooter sharing pilot programme, for which the licenses were now handed out. The competitors included larger companies such as Bird Rides and Lime. After the first six months of testing, the scooter sharing fleets in San Francisco may be stocked up to 2,500 vehicles, with permission from the city council.,,


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