Sep 5, 2018 - 05:30 pm

Toyota recalls 1 million hybrids worldwide


Due to potential short circuit and fire hazards, Toyota has recalled more than one million hybrid vehicles across the globe. The recall concerns all Toyota Prius of the current generation, including the plug-in version, as well as the hybrid version of the C-HR that were manufactured up to May of this year.

The cause of the recall are faulty cables, which can lose their wrapping under certain circumstances, rendering them unprotected and uninsulated. The cable is located in a branch of the hybrid system that could come in contact with the isolation of an electric connection point. According to Toyota, the problem goes back to basic production in Japan. The affected wires likely place the blame with the electrical control unit, which took place at the factory in Japan, according to the manufacturer.

Most of the vehicles affected by the recall, 554,000 to be more precise, were sold in Japan. In the USA, about 192,000 Prius models are affected, while the C-HR was not sold as a hybrid there. The rest of the vehicles were sold across the rest of the globe, with Europe containing the majority of them.,


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