Fastned partners with large German supermarket chain


Dutch charging infrastructure provider Fastned has struck a new deal. Together with Rewe, a grocery retailer, they will trial fast-charging at four large supermarkets in Germany. If the pilot is a success, they will expand their cooperation to other locations and we asked more details.

The partnership serves to understand both their customers better. Rewe wants to find out whether clients use the opportunity to charge their electric cars when shopping groceries. For Fastned, the partnership with Rewe is a great addition to their growing partner network. Moreover, with Rewe being at the higher end of the market, compared to Lidl for example, the chances of customers owning an electric car are higher.

The charging station will be installed at four supermarkets in the Frankfurt area. We reached out to Fastned for more details and learned that “Fastned will place two 50 kW chargers per ‘parking solution’. The chargers will have an CHAdeMO and CCS plug.” They also confirmed that they will not offer AC charging (type 2) any longer “because it’s not really fast charging at all and will probably disappear in the near future,” a spokes person said.


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