Hubject: EVs able to autopay charging via ReCharge


Hubject is cooperating with tech start-up ReCharge to enable EV drivers to access charging points in its network and to bill charging by simply plugging in the charging plug, thus, without having to use a RFID card or a smartphone app.

Hubject describes ReCharge as “a company whose mission is to enable in-vehicle, two-way communication and transactions with various services”. The young company, created in early 2018, promotes a solution that enables vehicles to interact with charging stations and soon even parking, toll roads and fast food restaurants, making it possible to autopay without a plastic card or mobile app. Aaron Fisher, CEO and co-founder of ReCharge says that making EV transportation easier would be their main priority.

In order to benefit from the system, it is necessary that automakers install the proprietary ReCharge technology on the vehicle. The partnership between Hubject and Re Charge will give EV drivers with appropriately equipped vehicles access to over 80,000 of Hubject’s global partner’s charging stations.,,


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