Lightweight electric van NGEN by Workhorse


Workhorse has started production of its NGEN-1000 electric delivery van. It is truly built for purpose as it is lightweight with a smaller battery pack that also helps the U.S. company to keep their offer on price parity with comparable diesel models.

While Workhorse fails to specify a recommended retail price, technical details are not scarce. Their electric van NGEB-1000 has a curb weight of no more than 1.8 tons (4,000 lbs), which is about half of what a comparable diesel van weighs. This is also thanks to a smaller battery. While it is said to be good enough for a range of roughly 160 km (100 miles), its size helps to keep the price down.

The NGEN-1000 offers a maximum cargo volume of up to 28 cubic meters (1,000 cubic feet) but also comes in three more cargo sizes: 250, 450 and 700 cubic feet. The body is made from composites.

All these electric vans feature front-hub electric motors and an all-wheel drive.

The NGEN-1000 is the first in the NGEN series to go into production at Workhorse’s Midwest plant.,


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Ben J.
02.11.2018 um 11:44
"a maximum cargo volume of up to 28 cubic meters (1,000 cubic feet)" seriously?
Daniel Bönnighausen
02.11.2018 um 12:57
Hi Ben,yes, this information comes directly from Workhorse:

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