These guys cannot stand the last mile


Perhaps last mile electric vehicles as we know it have seen their last days as more and more users are tired of standing, especially when they do not even have to kick much but simply turn the throttle.

So they have come up with all kinds of seats in order to not having to stand on their electric kick scooter. Most of their ideas are creative to say the least, as The Verge has found out.

Take this user for example who has upgraded (if not overloaded) a LimeBike kick scooter in Portland, USA, in order to stay deep within his comfort zone.

This driver, definitely not a kicker either, opted for a more utilitarian version but it looks adventurous nonetheless.

Needless to say that none of these kick scooter constructs are perfectly legal or even close to it. But first companies have reacted to the new trend. Bird introduced more stable parts designed for heavy real life use. Wheelie and Razor are looking into adding seats from the start in order to open micro mobility to a wider circle of users.

Be that as it may, we have kept our favourite conversion to last. How cool can you get really?!


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