Founded: Innogy and DKV joint venture Charge4Europe

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Following their intent from March, RWE subsidiary Innogy and mobility service provider DKV have now signed the contract for their planned joint venture and revealed more details.

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The joint venture will be called Charge4Europe and will in future offer operators of commercial electric vehicles fleets comprehensive supply solutions from a single source throughout Europe.

As part of the future joint venture, which is still subject to the approval of the relevant regulatory authorities, Innogy and DKV intend to jointly set up a pan-European roaming network of public charging points for electric fleets and offer this to B2B customers as a white label technology service.

DKV will also enter into a sales partnership with Innogy, which will enable customers to purchase wall boxes and charging points from the service provider, have them installed at home and at work and have them transparently billed by their employer.

Update 14 February 2019: The German, Austrian and Polish cartel authorities have given the go-ahead for the Charge4Europe. In other news, one executive of each joint venture partner, Christopher Schäckermann (DKV) and Diego Ramirez-Gölz (Innogy) will jointly take over management. Both executives will continue their existing roles in their respective companies while sharing the managership of the joint venture. (update)


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