UK requires home charge points to be smart by 2019

All publicly funded home charge points for electric vehicles must use smart technology from July 2019, the British government announced. This means charge points must be able to be remotely accessed, and capable of receiving, interpreting and reacting to a signal.

For the government the measure serves to ensure smart grid capabilities and they say it will also benefit consumers by keeping costs down by encouraging off-peak charging of the electric vehicles.

The announcement comes at the back of a decision to maintain grants to install charge points at home and in the workplace at their current level of up to £500.

Jesse Norman, Roads Minister, claims that the government has “already supported the installation of over 100,000 home chargepoints.” Yet the press release also deciphers the official success of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme as having “delivered over 60,000 grants to date”.

In any case, the scheme that has been running since 2014 is proving an impact.

At the same time this call for smart charging technology reminds us of our other news today in which researchers warn of cyber attacks when it comes to smart charging stations and IoT devices.


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