Switzerland unites behind ‘Roadmap E-Mobility 2022’


In Switzerland, the entire government and representatives of various industries have agreed to work towards a 15 percent marketshare of electric vehicles by 2022. To get there, the ‘Roadmap for Electric Mobility 2022’ includes measures for advancing infrastructure or information campaigns.

Most striking is the broad level of support the country has activated with decision makers on both the federal as well as the municipal level taking part. They were joint by representatives from all affected industries such as automotive, energy, real estate, fleet managers and their associations.

They all rallied behind the goal to increase the proportion of new passenger car registrations accounted for by electric vehicles to 15 percent by 2022. The Roadmap for Electric Mobility 2022 contains concrete measures in three priority fields of action, which are to be promoted jointly from January 2019.

These include the installation of charging facilities in buildings, the establishment of a national rapid charging network, the targeted training and qualification of specialist personnel and regulatory adjustments for example.

Moreover, the Roadmap is open for new signees. The implementation will begin in January 2019.

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