Innogy bundles electric mobility under subsidiary


The German energy company subsidiary of RWE has officially bundled their electric mobility services under a new brand as of January 1, 2019. EV services are becoming increasingly important to the company, who will now bundle these competencies in a subsidiary.

Elke Temme (COO), Stefan von Dobschütz (CCO) and Thomas Hüsgen (CFO) will be taking over the management of the newly founded Innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH based in Dortmund.

In addition to the product portfolio of hardware and software in the field of electromobility, the bundling of activities in the new company also includes ongoing customer relationships and projects, which will then be transferred entirely to the Innogy subsidiary. The new company will also take over RWE’s international subsidiaries, including the latest U.S. acquisitions BTCPower and Recargo.

Innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH will hold on to both their existing customers as well as their focus segments in the automotive industry, shop network operators (CPOs), fleet operators and B2B customers, as well as local authorities and energy suppliers, who require corresponding technologies for their electric mobility projects. As such, the new company distinguishes itself from the services of its parent company services in the field of energy supply to focus exclusively on technology. All current contracts for charging infrastructure and all associated services will be transferred to Innogy eMobility Solutions GmbH on January 1, 2019. Customers with corresponding contracts were already informed of these developments in December. The new company only changes the legal contractual partner, and existing contracts will continue.


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