Hubject partners with Greenlots


Hubject has entered into a cooperation agreement with Greenlots, the recently acquired US charging network platform, now owned by Shell. The agreement concerns the implementation of Plug&Charge technology via the ISO 15118 standard on the North American market.

Hubject had already entered into such a cooperation with Electrify America in January. At that time it was said that the network of Volkswagen’s US subsidiary was the first to offer this technology at its charging stations. Now Greenlots, another US supplier, is following suit and has recently become a wholly owned subsidiary of the oil giant Shell.

The introduction of Hubject’s Plug&Charge ecosystem at all Greenlots Sky network charging stations paves the way for future smart charging and the vehicle network communication (V2G) required for Plug&Charge. As is well known, vehicles can automatically authenticate and authorize when loading, eliminating the need for RFID cards, credit cards or mobile apps.

“Through partnerships with industry leaders like Greenlots, we’re able to make charging more convenient than ever, a key factor in increasing EV adoption and reducing carbon emissions,” said Hubjects North America CEO Paul Glenney.


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