Arcimoto’s electric Rapid Responder to save lives


Arcimoto has announced that it will test its fully electric trike, the Rapid Responder, in pilot programs in Oregon and California. The vehicle was originally released as a fun utility vehicle (FUV), and will now be outfitted for first resonders and law enforcement.

The Rapid Responder is designed to reach emergencies more quickly. The electric trike will be used in pilot programs with the City of Eugene, the Eugene Springfield Fire Department, Oregon, and the City of Eastvale, California. The re-purposed FUV carries fire extinguisher and a large first aid kit.

In emergency situtations, a scooter can get through traffic faster than a full-sized ambulance – this electric trike has the same abilities, with more room for emergency equipment and an extra seat.  “Arcimoto’s ultra-efficient three-wheeled platform offers real advantages for rapid response applications. We believe that its small-footprint, maneuverability, and instant torque will allow first responders to more quickly move through congested urban cores during emergencies.” said Mark Frohnmayer, President of Arcimoto.

“I could see these would be great for first responders, during special events or medical calls when a fire engine may not be required.” remarked Bryan Jones, City Manager of Eastvale, CA. Fire Chief Joe Zaludek of Eugene Springfield Fire agreed, “This pilot program is about finding the right tool for the job.” Arcimoto said they are “excited to create a vehicle that helps save lives.”

But in another sense, Eugene Springfield’s Fire Chief also noticed the vehicle’s other qualities – as an eye catching fun vehicle. He remarked, “We also think the Rapid Responder will have the added benefit of being a real hit at the annual Christmas Light Firetruck Parade.”

Late last year, Arcimoto announced receiving a 4.5 million US dollar investment to amp up production of its FUV electric trike for early 2019.  For more than just fun, Arcimoto anticipates that its special variant, the Rapid Responder, will be delivered in 2020.,,


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