Swiss name winners of fast-charging network tender

The Swiss Federal Roads Authority (FEDRO) has now awarded the contract for fast-charging stations at 100 rest stops to four Swiss and one Dutch provider: Gotthard Fastcharge (GOFAST), Groupe e, Primeo Energie / Alpiq E-Mobility, SOCAR Energy Switzerland and Fastned.

In order to quickly guarantee a nationwide network, the permits for the construction and operation of electric filling stations will not be issued individually for each service area, but in five packages, each with 20 service areas. After awarding the contracts, the next step is to determine the order in which implementation will take place. Each provider must then equip at least five rest stops within a year. All service stations must be equipped within ten years.

The costs of providing sufficient local electricity are pre-financed by FEDRO. An average cost of around half a million Swiss francs is to be expected per rest area. These investment costs will be charged to the operators in the form of a fee. The permits are valid for 30 years.

Interested operating companies could apply for the realization of fast charging stations at 100 Swiss rest stops until December 2018.


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