Bosch to test blockchain solution for charging


Bosch is working with EnBW, an utility in Germany’s south, on a prototype for a charging process based on blockchain technology. The entire process – from the selection of the charging station to reservation and payment – is simplified and tailored to the customer’s needs.

For example, the software developed by Bosch for cars in combination with an intelligent charging station manager can offer customers different and transparent price models in real time – depending on the availability of charging stations and electricity generated from renewable sources. The blockchain solution also handles the reservation and payment of the charging process fully automatically. The first tests of the new system are currently underway.

“In the future, things will not only be communicatively networked but will also cultivate business relationships with one another,” says Bosch CEO Dr Volkmar Denner. For charging station technology, this means that the car and charging stations communicate with each other virtually independently and are able to conclude contracts – so-called smart contracts. The billing for charging is automated. According to Bosch, in addition to price and the availability of charging points and renewable electricity, other customer preferences can also be taken into account, such as the presence of playgrounds and cafés in the vicinity of charging opportunities.


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