Jun 9, 2019 - 05:48 pm

Tier Mobility launching new e-scooter series


Tier Mobility, the German electric kick scooter company recently acquired by former F1 champion Nico Rosberg is launching a new series of electric scooters. The company’s first purpose-built LEVs have been developed and manufactured in a strategic partnership with Okai.

Tier Mobility will now begin rolling out localized versions of the scooters in Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. In June, a five-digit fleet of scooters will also be introduced in Germany.

The manufacturer claims the vehicles boast “significantly longer life, greater comfort and improved security features” and are built on a modular basis, allowing for easy and quick adaptation for local vehicle requirements. Further, the solid design also prevents vandalism and allows for longer maintenance periods of up to a year, says Tier Mobility.

Tier Mobility also adds that the next updated version of the e-scooter may roll out as soon as “this summer”.

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  1. Christian

    Hello, do you know from which company the new Tier scooters are manufactured?

    • TheGreatOne

      No, no he doesnt 🙁

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