UK: French Engie acquires ChargePoint Services


The French utility company ENGIE has purchased the British EV public charging network operator ChargePoint Services (CPS), who owns and operates the GeniePoint charging network in the UK.

In terms of numbers, this means that Engie now has taken over a customer base of around 20,000 people, along with the cloud-based data and control platform. These clients have access to more than 400 stations and a new fast-charging network with more than 500 stations expected by the end of 2019.

More so, CPS already works with around 30 local authorities on charging point infrastructure and has supplied workplace charging solutions for organisations like Siemens and Microsoft on the Isles.

Globally, Engie has installed around 75,000 charging stations but has not done much business in the UK so far. That is going to change now: “Acquiring CPS is an important step in scaling up our ambitions in the EV market, complementing our existing energy supply activities and our partnerships with local authorities and businesses,” said Engie UK and Ireland CEO Nicola Lovett.

Only yesterday, Engie signed a cooperation agreement with Fiat Chrysler Automotive and will support FCA to deliver charging infrastructure in 14 European countries, namely in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Netherland, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.,


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